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stock_icons's Journal

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stock icons
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STOCK_ICONS is the non-elite version of GOODSTOCKICONS, inspired by said community and created for icon makers to post their stock-related graphics.

This is a stock community. Not fashion, anime, cartoon, disney, fandom, gothic, celebrity and etc

You allowed to post Text and stock icons with the exceptions *pls see the rules

» Follow the rules of the individual icon makers.
» If you wish to post in this community please join
» Any member of the community can post teasers, no need to request the posting access.
» Posts without icons will be deleted.
» Do not double post.
» Promotions are allowed only in an icon post.
» * Teaser can consist either of: maximum 4 icons, in which 2 should be stock OR maximum of 6 icons all of them should be stock.
» 3 thumbnails then an lj-cut (for large graphics).
» T'is an icon community not a request community.
» If you want follow the rules, I will ban you from community without warning.
» This is a wall of shame, you will be there if you wont read and follow the rules.
TStuck on where to find good images?

SXC | Getty Images | Corbis | Veer | Age Foto Stock | Workbook | Alt Photos | Brunos Honeypot | Stockers | iStockPhoto | Acclaim Images | Image After | Webshots | Flickr | Everystockphoto.

Know anywhere else that's not listed? comment so the link can be added to the list.

layout codes by milou_veronica.
profile codes by gossymer

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the community please write here.

contact me @ face_less@mail.ru (dont spam me with stupid stuff).

current administrator eluminat

original owner cariprin

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